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Terms and Condition of Sale

This Web site is managed in Japan and commodity sales and shipping are from Japan.
We accept a PAY-PAL. We will ship the item when we confirm your payment.
When you want to buy the item, you need to e-mail or send a message from mail form to us.


The price includes PAY-PAL handling charge.


Postage is counted for each item and is not discounted if two or more items you bought.


All items are dispatched by EMS. You will receive tracking Number by e-mail and can confirm a current situation of your item.


The insurance are assured for up to JPY 20,000 of EMS.


The tax must be paid to a rate in each country by yourself in this dealings.


Returned goods is not basically accepted. In each and every case of unavoidable return, all the shipping fee will be charged to buyer and not be refunded. The payment will be refunded after the commodity checked. The cancellation is not accepted for the commodity used at all. We will send a refund that our company actually accepted by PAY-PAL. Please note that 4%+4% re-stocking fee will not be refunded. Also we refund in Japanese YEN only and will not refund the balance of exchange late.

Return policy

Buyer must cover all the shipping cost if you wish to exchange the items. Please make sure the size is exactly what you need before buying. As, return cost might be costly. Also we will not accept the item used.


We will deal with all laws based on the Commercial Code of a Japanese law for other sales.

Please view and understand the precautions mentioned above carefully before purchase.


  1. Manufacturer sells the item only in Japan.
  2. New products are sold with a limited number,viz sold out quickly.
  3. Manufacturer shows domestic prices in their web site.(No export price are shown)
  4. Please send your request or order to webmaster@caferacers.jp and we’ll give you availability and shipping cost.
  5. Payment by Paypal or Bank transfer.
  6. We ship the items after we confirm your payment.

Contact by fax or e-mail

2-32-1 Fukuoka-cho Takamatsu Kagawa Japan
FAX: +81-87-823-1840
English Only!


All items which show on our web site is owned and stocked by Caferacers.jp. No consignment sale at all.
Moreover our Photos,Movies,Descriptions..etc All rights reserved by Caferacers.jp. Illegally and strictly prohibit to use them without our approval.